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2020 Vision - Audio
2020 Vision - Facebook
2020 Vision - YouTube
Bob Henry10/18/2020
Acts 8:26-40 - Audio
Acts 8:26-40 - Facebook
Acts 8:26-40 - YouTube
Ron Zahursky10/11/2020
Acts 8:1-25 - Audio
Acts 8:1-25 - Facebook
Acts 8:1-25 - YouTube
Ron Zahursky10/04/2020
Stephan’s Impassioned Defense - Audio
Stephan’s Impassioned Defense - Facebook
Stephan’s Impassioned Defense - YouTube
David Reeves09/27/2020
We Will Serve the Lord - Audio
We Will Serve the Lord - Facebook
We Will Serve the Lord - YouTube
Bob Henry09/20/2020
It's a Holy Matter - Audio

It's a Holy Matter - YouTube
George Koprivnak09/13/2020
Holiness Required - Audio
Holiness Required - Facebook
Holiness Required - YouTube
David Reeves09/06/2020
No Other Name - Audio
No Other Name - YouTube
Ron Zahursky08/23/2020
New Found Courage and Conviction - Audio
New Found Courage and Conviction - YouTube
David Reeves08/16/2020
Peter the Great Commish? - Audio
Peter the Great Commish? - Facebook
Peter the Great Commish? - YouTube
Bob Henry08/09/2020
Who is this Holy Spirit? - Audio
Who is this Holy Spirit? - Facebook
Who is this Holy Spirit? - YouTube
Ron Zahursky08/02/2020
Acts 1: Acts of the Apostles - Audio
Acts 1: Acts of the Apostles - Facebook
Acts 1: Acts of the Apostles - YouTube
David Reeves07/26/2020
Resurrected Jesus at Dinner - Audio
Resurrected Jesus at Dinner - Facebook
Resurrected Jesus at Dinner - YouTube
David Reeves07/19/2020
You gotta see it to believe it - YouTube George Koprivnak07/12/2020
Crime & Punishment - Audio
Crime & Punishment - Facebook
Crime & Punishment - YouTube
Bob Henry07/05/2020
Politics & Influence - Audio
Politics & Influence - Facebook
Politics & Influence - YouTube
Eric Lentz06/28/2020
Child Abusers - Audio
Child Abusers - Facebook
Child Abusers - YouTube
Ron Zahursky06/21/2020
Luke 22:1-38 - Audio
Luke 22:1-38 - Facebook
Luke 22:1-38 - YouTube
Marty McBride06/14/2020
Jesus Affirms the Resurrection - Audio
Jesus Affirms the Resurrection - Facebook
Jesus Affirms the Resurrection - YouTube
George Koprivnak06/07/2020
Jesus Affirms the Resurrection - Audio
Jesus Affirms the Resurrection - Facebook
Jesus Affirms the Resurrection - YouTube
David Reeves05/31/2020
What Part of All Authority Don't You Understand? - Audio
What Part of All Authority Don't You Understand? - Facebook
What Part of All Authority Don't You Understand? - YouTube
Bob Henry05/24/2020
More Than a Feeling - Audio
More Than a Feeling - Facebook
More Than a Feeling - YouTube
Eric Lentz05/17/2020
That Doesn't Go There, Does It? - Audio
That Doesn't Go There, Does It? - Facebook
That Doesn't Go There, Does It? - YouTube
George Koprivnak05/10/2020
Riches, Death and Sight - Audio
Riches, Death and Sight - Facebook
Riches, Death and Sight - YouTube
David Reeves05/03/2020
The Invisible Kingdom - Audio
The Invisible Kingdom - Facebook
The Invisible Kingdom - YouTube
Ron Zahursky04/26/2020
The Invisible Kingdom - Audio
The Invisible Kingdom - Facebook
The Invisible Kingdom - YouTube
David Reeves04/19/2020
Barabbas Is Alive and Well In the 21st Century - Audio
Barabbas Is Alive and Well In the 21st Century - Facebook
Barabbas Is Alive and Well In the 21st Century - YouTube
Bob Henry04/12/2020
The Path to Forgiveness - Audio
The Path to Forgiveness - Facebook
The Path to Forgiveness - YouTube
Eric Lentz04/05/2020
The Only Three Pointer You'll See This Month - Audio
The Only Three Pointer You'll See This Month - Facebook
The Only Three Pointer You'll See This Month - YouTube
George Koprivnak03/29/2020
Sorry, no audio this week :(
Rejoicing Over a Saved Sinner - Facebook
Rejoicing Over a Saved Sinner - YouTube
David Reeves03/22/2020
Who Put Sugar In the Saltshaker? - Audio
Who Put Sugar In the Saltshaker? - Facebook Video
Ron Zahursky03/15/2020
What's With All the Birds?Bob Henry03/08/2020
Luke 13:1-17Marty McBride03/01/2020
Performing CPRBrad Haden02/23/2020
Wait On the Lord?Eric Lentz02/16/2020
A Mouthful of Dry CrackersGeorge Koprivnak02/09/2020
An Evil Generation Seeks a SignDavid Reeves02/02/2020
Luke 11:1-28Ron Zahursky01/26/2020
A 2000 Year OxymoronBob Henry01/19/2020
Who Does Jesus Send?Marty McBride01/12/2020
He Calls Me FriendEric Lentz01/05/2020
Expect the UnexpectedGeorge Koprivnak12/22/2019
Jesus Glorified - Turns Toward the CrossDavid Reeves12/15/2019
Luke 9, 1-27Ron Zahursky12/08/2019
Bad BaconBob Henry12/01/2019
Seed Lamp StormMarty McBride11/24/2019
How to Deliver a Tough MessageEric Lentz11/17/2019
Do you believe in miracles?George Koprivnak11/10/2019
Applications of the Golden RuleDavid Reeves11/03/2019
Sermon on the PlainRon Zahursky10/27/2019
Are You An Old Wineskin?Bob Henry10/20/2019
Calling & ForegivenessMarty McBride10/13/2019
Hang On For...Eric Lentz10/06/2019
Ministry of JohnDavid Reeves09/29/2019
I Like to Picture Jesus as...George Koprivnak09/22/2019
The Birth of JesusRon Zahursky09/15/2019
Just JohnBob Henry09/08/2019
An Intro to LukeDavid Reeves09/01/2019
Did You Wash Your Hands?Eric Lentz08/25/2019
Casting PearlsRon Zahursky08/18/2019
An Expected SuperheroDavid Reeves08/11/2019
H-E Double Hockey SticksBob Henry08/04/2019
What IfMarty McBride07/28/2019
Dinosaurs - Two OpinionsBob Henry07/14/2019
Why Does God Let...Ron Zahursky07/07/2019
From Darkness to LightDavid Reeves06/30/2019
Depressed ChristianEric Lentz06/23/2019
Once for all...George Koprivnak06/09/2019
Faith, Without WorksRon Zahursky06/02/2019
Who You Say I AmMarty McBride05/26/2019
The Prodigal FatherDavid Reeves05/19/2019
Mother's Day / MaryBob Henry05/12/2019
OwnershipEric Lentz05/05/2019
Reform is NeededSteve Dorey04/28/2019
Easter SundayRon Zahursky04/21/2019
Donkey SundayGeorge Koprivnak04/14/2019
GiveDavid Reeves04/07/2019
Does Your Life MatterMarty McBride03/24/2019
We Are Just an Advanced Breed of MonkeysBob Henry03/17/2019
FreedomDavid Reeves03/10/2019
New Heavens and New EarthRon Zahursky03/03/2019
Zion RestoredDavid Reeves02/24/2019
My Chains Are Gone, Yours?Eric Lentz02/17/2019
Fasting to Action to FeastingNeal Nelson02/03/2019
The Eternal Covenant of PeaceRon Zahursky01/20/2019
Who Would Believe ItDavid Reeves01/13/2019
You MatterBob Henry01/06/2019
Onward Christian Soldier(s)Neal Nelson12/16/2018
Comfort My PeopleDavid Reeves12/09/2018
Where To?George Koprivnak12/02/2018
Return to SenderBob Henry11/18/2018
Trust in God, not ManRon Zahursky11/11/2018
Blind HypocritesDavid Reeves11/04/2018
Judge, Protector, Father, GodEric Lentz10/28/2018
Visions of the FutureBob Henry10/21/2018
If a Tree Falls...George Koprivnak10/14/2018
A Great Light ShiningRon Zahursky10/07/2018
Exodus & The Greatest MiracleSam Zahursky09/30/2018
Trust in the LordDavid Reeves09/23/2018
A Flamingo Kind of FaithBob Henry09/16/2018
Send MeRon Zahursky09/09/2018
Triumph of God's KingdomNeal Nelson09/02/2018
Judgement & GraceDavid Reeves08/26/2018
New, But Older Than DirtBob Henry08/12/2018
For I know...George Koprivnak08/05/2018
It's Good to Be the King?Eric Lentz07/22/2018
Jeremiah 23David Reeves07/01/2018
The Last StrawBob Henry06/24/2018
Fear FactorGeorge Koprivnak06/17/2018
Is There No Balm in GileadRon Zahursky06/10/2018
The Great Temple SermonDavid Reeves06/03/2018
In God We Trust?Ron Zahursky05/27/2018
A Nation DividedBob Henry05/20/2018
From Early Devotion to Divorce and FicklenessDavid Reeves05/13/2018
Who Was JeremiahDavid Reeves05/06/2018
Laodecia, Last But Not Least?George Koprivnak04/22/2018
Sardis - The Dead ChurchNeal Nelson04/08/2018
Who's Laughing Now?Bob Henry04/01/2018
Messianic is as Messianic DoesDavid Reeves03/25/2018
Alive and Well that JezebelBob Henry03/18/2018
Too TolerantGeorge Koprivnak03/11/2018
The Church in SmyrnaRon Zahursky03/04/2018
The Velvet Covered BrickBob Henry02/25/2018
7 Churches of RevelationDavid Reeves02/18/2018
Help Wanted Apply WithinGeorge Koprivnak02/11/2018
Who Are You?Eric Lentz02/04/2018
Palaces & Idols Bricks & BaublesNeal Nelson01/28/2018
Paradise Lost Under the SunBob Henry01/21/2018
Part 2 of God's Plan for WorkDavid Reeves01/14/2018
Work Series IntroductionDavid Reeves01/07/2018
153 Fish, You Should Have Seen the One that Got AwayBob Henry12/17/2017
What a GiftRon Zahursky12/10/2017
John 19David Reeves12/03/2017
Who Killed JesusGeorge Koprivnak11/26/2017
Frankenstein's Monster The Beast and Jesus of NazarethBob Henry11/19/2017
Do Prayers Get Answered?Ron Zahursky11/12/2017
Plain Speech is Very NearDavid Reeves11/05/2017
Missionary Visit - Shannon Haynie on 10/29/2017Shannon Haynie10/29/2017
Once Saved, Always Saved, What a Sap!Bob Henry10/15/2017
John 14:1-31David Reeves10/08/2017
How Dirty Are Your FeetGeorge Koprivnak10/01/2017
For Our SakeRon Zahursky09/17/2017
Jesus Power Over DeathDavid Reeves09/10/2017
Insane? Possessed? Or Son of God?David Reeves09/03/2017
The Shepherd's VoicePatrick Cannon08/27/2017
To See or not to See: That Is the QuestionBob Henry08/20/2017
Who's Your DaddyGeorge Koprivnak08/06/2017
The Testimony of TwoRon Zahursky07/23/2017
Water is LIFEDale Richmond07/09/2017
John 7:1-36David Reeves07/02/2017
Last Half of John 6Patrick Cannon06/25/2017
What Will You Do?Bob Henry06/18/2017
The Authority of SubmissionRon Zahursky06/11/2017
John 4 & 5David Reeves06/04/2017
John 4David Reeves05/28/2017
Truly, Truly Less is MoreGeorge Koprivnak05/21/2017
The Next DayDale Richmond05/14/2017
The First Three DaysDale Richmond05/07/2017
The WORD Became FleshDavid Reeves04/23/2017
The Good The Bad and The UglyBob Henry04/16/2017
Victory In JesusRon Zahursky04/09/2017
I Could Have Been a ContenderDale Richmond04/02/2017
You Can't Handle the TruthBob Henry03/26/2017
In Truth and LovePatrick Cannon03/19/2017
Chapter 5David Reeves03/05/2017
Seek First the Kingdom, Love, RepeatEric Lentz02/19/2017
Abide in the AdvocateDale Richmond02/12/2017
Semper ParatusGeorge Koprivnak01/22/2017
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far awayBob Henry01/15/2017
Diligent to Confirm your CallingDavid Reeves01/08/2017
Shepherds & SheepRon Zahursky12/04/2016
Alive Through DeathPatrick Cannon11/27/2016
Living Identity - Part 2Patrick Cannon11/13/2016
Living IdentityPatrick Cannon11/06/2016
Messages from the Very BeginningDavid Reeves10/23/2016
Wait for it...Dale Richmond10/16/2016
Hold God AccountableEric Lentz10/09/2016
Bleep, Bleep, Bleep & BleepBob Henry10/02/2016
Who Are You Working For?Ron Zahursky09/25/2016
Pure and Undefiled ReligionDavid Reeves09/18/2016
Our ProofDale Richmond09/04/2016
What's the Story?George Koprivnak08/28/2016
In His Name the Nations Will Put Their HopeBriana Johnson08/21/2016
The Profile EvidenceDavid Reeves07/31/2016
Am I Crazy... Or Did My Lord Come to Earth?Bob Henry07/24/2016
The Rebuttal EvidenceDavid Reeves07/10/2016
Archeology - Who CaresNeal Nelson07/03/2016
The Corroborating EvidenceEric Lentz06/26/2016
The Documentary EvidenceRon Zahursky06/19/2016
Testing the Eyewitness EvidenceDale Richmond06/12/2016
The Eye Witness EvidenceDavid Reeves06/05/2016
Follow the LeaderDavid Reeves05/29/2016
We Are Never AloneDale Richmond05/22/2016
Step of FaithGeorge Koprivnak05/15/2016
Made PerfectPatrick Cannon05/08/2016
Greater ThanDave Plumley05/01/2016
Some Things Are Just Not D.I.Y.Bob Henry04/24/2016
Abundant PriesthoodPatrick Cannon04/17/2016
Press On to MaturityDavid Reeves04/10/2016
Empowered ObediencePatrick Cannon04/03/2016
Sacrifice and RewardRon Zahursky03/27/2016
The Final WeekDale Richmond03/20/2016
RestDave Plumley03/13/2016
What Have You Done for Me Lately?Bob Henry03/06/2016
The Founder of SalvationRon Zahursky02/28/2016
Who's the Boss?George Koprivnak02/21/2016
Ancient Encouragement for Believers TodayDavid Reeves02/14/2016
Cumulative Case for the CreatorDavid Reeves01/31/2016
Human Consciousness Points to GodDale Richmond01/24/2016
DNA is Information: Information Requires IntelligenceEric Lentz01/17/2016
More PowerGeorge Koprivnak01/10/2016
Physics & Astronomy Reveal God's PrecisionNeal Nelson01/03/2016
The Cosmos Requires a CreatorDale Richmond12/27/2015
Science & Revelation Reveal the Glory of GodDavid Reeves12/13/2015
The Book of PhilemonDavid Reeves12/06/2015
To Be and Not To BeRon Zahursky11/29/2015
Remembering What is ImportantDale Richmond11/22/2015
Putting Things in OrderDavid Reeves11/15/2015
The End is NowPatrick Cannon11/01/2015
Encouragement and InstructionDale Richmond10/25/2015
Passing on the TorchDavid Reeves10/18/2015
Believers in TrainingRon Zahursky10/11/2015
Family MattersPatrick Cannon10/04/2015
I Am All InBob Henry09/27/2015
Church LeadershipDavid Reeves09/20/2015
All PeopleMark Pratt09/13/2015
Warn Him as a BrotherEric Lentz08/30/2015
BamboozledBob Henry08/23/2015
Serving and WaitingDavid Reeves08/16/2015
Don't Bother Marking Your CalendarsDale Richmond07/26/2015
A Pleasant SurpriseRon Zahursky07/05/2015
You Are Not a FailureGeorge Koprivnak06/28/2015
A Church Born out of AdversityDale Richmond06/21/2015
The Life of ServitudeRon Zahursky06/14/2015
As Far As the East Is From the WestBob Henry06/07/2015
Freedom of DeathPatrick Cannon05/31/2015
The Preeminence of ChristDavid Reeves05/24/2015
The Path to PeaceDale Richmond05/17/2015
God Has Called Me HeavenwardEric Lentz05/10/2015
HumilityDavid Reeves05/03/2015
Is Your Spiritual Ladder on the Correct Wall?Alan Brown04/26/2015
Suit UpGeorge Koprivnak04/19/2015
Light and DarknessMark Pratt04/12/2015
Children of LightPatrick Cannon04/05/2015
Revealing the MysteryDave Plumley03/29/2015
God's Eternal PurposeDavid Reeves03/22/2015
Exhortations and WarningsRon Zahursky03/15/2015
Bold and Courageous LifestyleNeal Nelson03/08/2015
Trust Fund BabiesPatrick Cannon03/01/2015
Would You Die for Your Faith?Bob Henry02/22/2015
Resisting a Growing LegalismDavid Reeves02/08/2015
LifeSpring C.C.?Bob Henry01/25/2015
ResurrectionDave Plumley01/18/2015
Building Up the BodyDavid Reeves01/11/2015
Spiritual EngagementPatrick Cannon12/28/2014
Crown, Cross and CradleBob Henry12/21/2014
Do Everything for the Glory of GodDavid Reeves12/14/2014
Let's Get it RightGeorge Koprivnak12/07/2014
How to Live Like God Made YouAlan Brown11/30/2014
Christian Liberty and ResponsibilityPatrick Cannon11/23/2014
Sex, Geometry and LegalismNeal Nelson11/16/2014
Who is My Neighbor and Other QuestionsAndy Batten11/09/2014
Holiness in the BodyPatrick Cannon11/02/2014
Humility in LeadershipDavid Reeves10/26/2014
You Say Petros and I Disagree. I Say Petra.Bob Henry10/19/2014
True WisdomJeff Bodziony10/12/2014
Has Christ Been DividedDavid Reeves10/05/2014
Ministering TogetherRon Zahursky09/28/2014
Maintaining Unity and FellowshipRon Zahursky09/21/2014
Respecting Each Others OpinionsDavid Reeves09/14/2014
Civic DutyDavid Reeves09/07/2014
Sacrificial LivingPatrick Cannon08/31/2014
Who Has Known the Mind of the LordMark Pratt08/24/2014
Misplaced Zeal and Poor ExcusesBob Henry08/17/2014
Living by the Power of the SpiritPatrick Cannon08/03/2014
I Can't Do What I Want to DoDavid Reeves07/27/2014
Dead and AliveGeorge Koprivnak07/13/2014
Justification Through One ManRon Zahursky07/06/2014
Faith Counted for RighteousnessDavid Reeves06/29/2014
All Have Sinned and Fall ShortRon Zahursky06/22/2014
Religious Folk Are Sinners TooGeorge Koprivnak06/15/2014
Unrestrained SinBob Henry06/08/2014
A Life Worth Dying ForJeff Bodziony06/01/2014
Introduction to RomansDavid Reeves05/25/2014
The End of TimeDavid Reeves05/18/2014
Paul's FInal Days - Race of FaithBob Henry05/11/2014
Paul's MissionGeorge Koprivnak05/04/2014
New BeginningsSteve Dorey04/27/2014
The ResurrectionSteve Dorey04/20/2014
The Hour of DarknessSteve Dorey04/13/2014
The Son of GodSteve Dorey04/06/2014
No Ordinary ManSteve Dorey03/30/2014
Jesus' Ministry BeginsSteve Dorey03/23/2014
The Birth of the KingSteve Dorey03/16/2014
Rebuilding the WallsSteve Dorey03/09/2014
The Return HomeBob Henry02/23/2014
Daniel in ExileSteve Dorey02/16/2014
The Kingdom FallsSteve Dorey02/09/2014
The Beginning of the EndSteve Dorey02/02/2014
God's MessengersSteve Dorey01/26/2014
A Kingdom Torn in TwoSteve Dorey01/19/2014
MissionMark Pratt01/12/2014
ValuesSteve Dorey01/05/2014
VisionSteve Dorey12/29/2013
Experiencing God's JoySteve Dorey12/22/2013
Experiencing God's PeaceSteve Dorey12/15/2013
Experiencing God's FavorSteve Dorey12/08/2013
The King Who Had it AllSteve Dorey12/01/2013
The Trials of a KingSteve Dorey11/24/2013
From Shepherd to KingDavid Reeves11/17/2013
Standing Tall, Falling HardSteve Dorey11/10/2013
The Faith of a Foreign WomanSteve Dorey11/03/2013
A Few Good Men... And WomenSteve Dorey10/27/2013
The Battle BeginsSteve Dorey10/20/2013
WanderingSteve Dorey10/13/2013
New Commands and a New CovenantSteve Dorey10/06/2013
DeliveranceDavid Reeves09/29/2013
JosephSteve Dorey09/22/2013
God Builds a NationSteve Dorey09/15/2013
Creation: The Beginning of Life as We Know itSteve Dorey09/08/2013
An IntroductionSteve Dorey09/01/2013
The Disciple's Songs - Psalm 134Steve Dorey08/25/2013
The Disciple's Songs - Psalm 133Steve Dorey08/18/2013
The Disciple's Songs - HumilitySteve Dorey08/04/2013
The Disciple's Songs - Psalm 130David Reeves07/14/2013
The Disciple's Songs - Psalm 129Steve Dorey07/07/2013
The Disciple's Songs - Psalm 128Steve Dorey06/30/2013
The Disciple's Songs - Psalm 127Steve Dorey06/23/2013
The Disciple's Songs - Psalm 126Steve Dorey06/16/2013
The Disciple's Songs - Psalm 125Steve Dorey06/09/2013
The Disciple's Songs - HelpSteve Dorey06/02/2013
The Disciple's Songs - Part 4David Reeves05/26/2013
The Disciple's Songs - Part 3Steve Dorey05/19/2013
The Disciple's Songs - Part 2 (Providence)Steve Dorey05/12/2013
The Disciple's Songs - Part 1Steve Dorey05/05/2013
Blessed - Part 4Steve Dorey04/28/2013
Blessed - Part 3Steve Dorey04/21/2013
Blessed - Part 2Steve Dorey04/14/2013
BlessedSteve Dorey04/07/2013
The Resurrection of JesusSteve Dorey03/31/2013
Jesus' Triumphal EntrySteve Dorey03/24/2013
Intercessory PrayerSteve Dorey03/17/2013
Part 2Steve Dorey03/10/2013
Part 1Steve Dorey03/03/2013
Ruth - Chapter 4, Redemption RealizedSteve Dorey02/24/2013
Ruth - Chapter 3Steve Dorey02/17/2013
Ruth - Chapter 2Steve Dorey02/10/2013
Ruth - Chapter 1Steve Dorey02/03/2013
Remain in MeSteve Dorey01/27/2013
SALTSteve Dorey and George Dababneh01/20/2013
Graceland MinistriesSteve, Jay and Colette01/13/2013
Re-Think ChurchSteve Dorey01/06/2013
The Essentials of MinistrySteve Dorey12/31/2012
CourageDavid Reeves12/30/2012
LoveSteve Dorey12/23/2012
PeaceSteve Dorey12/16/2012
JoySteve Dorey12/09/2012
HopeSteve Dorey12/02/2012
Exercise in Preparation for Thanksgiving DayDavid Reeves11/18/2012
Putting OnSteve Dorey11/11/2012
Putting OffSteve Dorey11/04/2012
Three Important WarningsSteve Dorey10/28/2012
Fully Alive in ChristSteve Dorey10/21/2012
The Labor of MinistrySteve Dorey10/07/2012
The Supremacy and Sufficiency of ChristSteve Dorey09/30/2012
Knowing His WillSteve Dorey09/23/2012
ThanksgivingSteve Dorey09/16/2012
Introduction to ColossiansSteve Dorey09/09/2012
Obedient FaithSteve Dorey08/20/2012
Faith Comes from HearingDale Richmond08/12/2012
We Walk by FaithSteve Dorey08/05/2012
Chutes and LaddersGeorge Koprivnak07/29/2012
Faith Confirmed - JacobSteve Dorey07/08/2012
Faith for the Future - IsaacSteve Dorey07/01/2012
Obedient Faith - AbrahamDavid Reeves06/24/2012
Noah, Right!Bob Henry06/17/2012
Briana's Mission ReportBriana Johnson & Steve Dorey06/10/2012
Walking By Faith - EnochSteve Dorey06/03/2012
Rightous by FaithSteve Dorey05/27/2012
Faith - Part 1Dale Richmond05/20/2012
The Mission of MarriageSteve Dorey05/13/2012
Standard of BeautySteve & Ruth Dorey05/06/2012
ServiceSteve Dorey04/29/2012
Husbands and WivesSteve Dorey04/22/2012
The Benefits of Being FriendsSteve & Ruth Dorey04/15/2012
Made NewSteve Dorey04/08/2012
ExecutedSteve Dorey04/01/2012
Tried and SentencedSteve Dorey03/25/2012
Preparing for the Future - 2Steve Dorey03/18/2012
Preparing for the FutureSteve Dorey03/11/2012
Jesus Challenges His EnemiesSteve Dorey03/04/2012
Jesus' Authority Over Reason, Rulers and Kingdoms, Life and LawSteve Dorey02/26/2012
The Triumphal Entry, Temple Cleansed, Fig Tree CursedSteve Dorey02/19/2012
Jesus Mission - To Die and to ServeSteve Dorey02/12/2012
Children, Wealth and Following JesusSteve Dorey02/05/2012
Jesus Teaches on DivorceSteve Dorey01/29/2012
Defining the Family MissionSteve Dorey01/22/2012
Understanding our Place in the FamilySteve Dorey01/15/2012
Finding Our Identity in Our Heavenly FatherSteve Dorey01/08/2012
Living Below the WaterlineSteve Dorey01/01/2012
Unwrapping the GiftSteve Dorey12/25/2011
Preparing the GiftSteve Dorey12/18/2011
Who is the GreatestSteve Dorey12/11/2011
Jesus Heals a Boy with an Evil SpiritSteve Dorey12/04/2011
The TransfigurationSteve Dorey11/27/2011
The Cost of DiscipleshipSteve Dorey11/20/2011
Jesus Feeds Four Thousand / The Yeast of the PhariseesSteve Dorey11/06/2011
The Healing of a Deaf and Mute ManSteve Dorey10/23/2011
The Children's BreadSteve Dorey10/16/2011
Wash Your Hands!Steve Dorey10/09/2011
Jesus Walks on the WaterSteve Dorey10/02/2011
Feeding of the Five ThousandDavid Reeves09/25/2011
The Death of John the BaptistSteve Dorey09/18/2011
Tale of 2 Churches - EphesusSteve Dorey09/04/2011
Jesus and the CrossSteve Dorey08/21/2011
Jesus and the TemptationsMark Pratt08/14/2011
MosesMark Pratt08/07/2011
How Character GrowsSteve Dorey07/31/2011
Who are You? (Abraham and Sarah)Steve Dorey07/24/2011
Sent into MinistrySteve Dorey07/17/2011
Rejection in MinistrySteve Dorey07/10/2011
Authority Over Sickness and DeathSteve Dorey07/03/2011
Authority over Demons: Jesus Heals the DemoniacSteve Dorey06/26/2011
Authority over Nature: Jesus Calms the StormSteve Dorey06/19/2011
The Parable of Growing SeedSteve Dorey06/12/2011
The Parable of the Four SoilsSteve Dorey06/05/2011
Jesus' Relation to His FamilySteve Dorey05/22/2011
Jesus' Relation to the Crowd and his DisciplesSteve Dorey05/15/2011
Ministry of Mercy and GraceSteve Dorey05/08/2011
Your IdentityPatrick Cannon05/01/2011
Resurrection Power in My LifeSteve Dorey04/24/2011
Going to the CrossSteve Dorey04/17/2011
Not Feelings but FaithSteve Dorey04/10/2011
No More CondemnationSteve Dorey04/03/2011
Breaking the Bondage of LegalismSteve Dorey03/27/2011
The Cross Centered LifeSteve Dorey03/20/2011
Ministry of JoySteve Dorey03/13/2011
Ministry of HopeSteve Dorey03/06/2011
Ministry of ForgivenessSteve Dorey02/27/2011
Ministry of Compassion - Jesus Cleanses a LeperDale Richmond02/20/2011
Jesus' Healing Ministry Begins at Simon and Andrew's HouseScott Nelson02/13/2011
A Teacher with AuthoritySteve Dorey02/06/2011
Jesus' Preaching Ministry BeginsSteve Dorey01/30/2011
Jesus' CredentialsSteve Dorey01/23/2011
A Different Kind of ChurchSteve Dorey01/16/2011
Third Part of Christmas MessageSteve Dorey12/26/2010
Christmas EveSteve Dorey12/24/2010
For Unto Us A Child is BornSteve Dorey12/19/2010
Test the SpiritsSteve Dorey11/28/2010
Foreign MissionsRondal Smith11/21/2010
Local MissionsSteve Dorey11/14/2010
Living in God's FamilyPatrick Cannon10/24/2010
What's Wrong with the WorldSteve Dorey10/10/2010
A New CommandmentSteve Dorey10/03/2010
The AdvocateSteve Dorey09/26/2010
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