Denominational Affiliation?

Not our church!Frequently visitors to LifeSpring Christian Church will ask, "What is your denominational affiliation?"  It is an understandable question in our day and age, and it is easily answered.  LifeSpring Christian Church has no denominational affiliation.  We are an independent Christian church / church of Christ.  We are not a part of a denominational hierarchy.

There are about 5,500 churches like LifeSpring Christian Church in the United States alone.  While they are like us, there is no administrative or "denominational structure" that binds us together. We are bound together by our commitment to Christ, following his word, and fulfilling the Great Commission. Frequently, when asked the question of denominational affiliation, we respond by saying we are an independent, Bible believing, elder-led church.  Often that causes another question to arise—What is an elder-led church?
Also not our church

What is an Elder-Led Church?

An elder-led church follows the biblical pattern for church leadership.  The scriptures are clear in that God provides leadership for the church through men who are gifted to lead and who are highly committed to Christ.  Paul outlines in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 the qualities of men who could serve as an elder in a local church.

We examine those qualities and those in our congregation who manifest them.  If those we believe manifest these qualities are willing to serve as an elder, we ordain them as elders and they provide leadership for our congregation.  They make sure we remain true to biblical teaching in what is preached, taught, and practiced in the life of our church.  Some of the responsibilities of the elder include

  • Protecting us from "false doctrines"
  • Caring for the flock (our congregation - the people attending our church) physically and spiritually
  • Helping us to make sure that we are fulfilling Jesus' Commission
  • Ensuring that we are the church God needs us to be in Lake County Ohio

We are blessed by a number of men who serve as elder and who have helped LifeSpring Christian Church embrace our calling in Lake County Ohio.

Please pray for our elders regularly.