Get Connected at LifeSpring

LifeSpring Christian Church has several ministries that can help you grow and draw closer to other people and to God.

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Ministries for Adults


Band of Brothers


Sisters at Heart






Journey to Jesus


Other Ministries

There are a lot of opportunities to serve at LifeSpring Christian Church. Each Sunday morning there are a lot of activities going on - people serving each other.


There are very dedicated individuals teaching our young people. There are people greeting others and making them feel welcome. There are people helping get name tags on everyone so we don't feel bad because we forgot a name.


There are singers and musicians. There are people that run the sound system, people that set up the sound equipment, people that set up all kinds of other things, people that run the video, people that serve food and the list goes on.


It is our hope that we will fulfill scripture and that people will be able to identify us by the love that we have for one another. Each Sunday morning, and throughout the week, in our various ministries, there are lots of opportunities to feel connected to God through his people and their service for one another.